Our coaching sessions are run every Saturday & Sunday from 10am till 12pm and cost £10 per person. The sessions are run outwith normal skate park opening hours which mean's you will get to learn in the largest indoor skatepark in the UK while its quiet.

The sessions are laidback and are focussed on having fun and enjoying the sport with our professional coaches on hand to teach you some new tricks or give you some pointers.

Equipment hire rates are available on our homepage

View the video on the right which was filmed during Scott's lesson's »

Meet Our Coaches


Chaz Mailey

Chaz has been riding BMX for over 10 years now and is sponsored by BSD.


Scott Quinn

Scott has been skating for well over 10 years and is now the team manager of the Razors UK team. He is an all round skater and is equally as good at skating the park as he is on street.


Connor Mailey

Connor is our Scooter coach but mainly rides BMX. He pretty much grew up in Unit 23 so has had the chance to master everything from bmx, skateboard, inline and scooter.


John Connoly

Baby John is one of the newer additions to the Unit 23 team. John is an amazing skateboarder and can Tre Flip with his eyes shut.

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