Holiday Shred

Jason Phelan,Isaac Lesser and Olly rendle get there last few sessions in at unit 23 before they head home for christmas.

  • Anaconda
  • Connor Mailey and Hall One
  • Hector Spencer Wood
  • Wav's Angels
  • New Hall One
  • Kriss Kyle's Source Edit

Chaz Mailey & John Deans

Chaz Mailey and John Deans with a late night line in Hall2 at Unit23Skatepark.

  • Chaz Mailey & John Deans
  • Kriss Kyle Dig Deep
  • Connor Mailey - 10 Tricks Tuesday
  • Coupla Trips

Baby John & Chubbs

John and Sean having a wee go of some new stuff thats been built at unit.

  • Line 13
  • Merry Christmas
  • The Honeybee
  • Chaz & Quinny
  • Unit 23 Trails
  • Chaz Mailey


Kriss Kyle riding at home, Unit 23!



Photos from the Official Unit 23 Skatepark Instagram

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